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The Day from Hell

Ok, so the title of the post is a little bit dramatic.

But seriously, I think it’s fair to call a day that include both a trip to the dentist and to get my eyebrows waxed a Hell Day. If having my (very sensitive) gums grated with a mechanical scraper wasn’t bad enough, the sadist dentil hygienist ¬†informed me that I am oral care challenged. Yes. Apparently the excruciating pain that filled my mouth is¬†my fault because I do not brush at the appropriate 45 degree angle.

The waxing, on the other hand, hurt a lot less compared with my tooth-cleaning. I thought my brows were barely irritated at all afterwards, although the esthetician seemed horrified by the redness. She insisted on powdering my face before I went out in public.

I also went to the gym today and worked through my strength-training regimen. It was fine – fun, actually. I like to think of myself as buff. Then I remember that my maximum on free weights is 6 lbs. and that I have the scrawniest arms in the place. Oh well.


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Spaghetti arms

Pasta making commences tomorrow, I promise.
But first I want to fill you in on another project of mine: to get stronger. Basically, I’ve been a runner for years but due to an injury almost a year ago, I had to stop all physical activity. Now that I am allowed to start exercising again, I want to focus less on running and more on trying new activities! On my list for the future are hiking, biking, pilates and yoga. In the mean time, I’m working on developing a weight training regimen, which I haven’t had since I was involved in varsity athletics.

I have the worst upper body strength. I am barely strong enough to knead dough (which isn’t good, considering I plan to make my own pasta tomorrow). So, I’ve been meeting Karla, a personal trainer at my gym, to learn about some great arm and core exercises to add into my weekly routine (or I may decide that I preferred my sedentary lifestyle and give up altogether on ever being buff).

I’m going to see Karla this afternoon. I’m a little nervous because, although the weight lifting isn’t too difficult, I suck at breathing correctly while I’m lifting. And my form SUCKS. Jeez.

It really is embarrassing, though. I’ll get confused in the middle of an exercise about how I’m supposed to be breathing and I’ll try to inhale instead of exhaling or vice versa. I usually end up belching. Typical.

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