Adventures with Leo

Later I’m making pasta.

But before I sink my hands into a pile of dough, I want to tell you about an ongoing project of mine: to read both great works of Leo Tolstoy: War & Peace and Anna Karenina.

I am currently on page 576 of War & Peace, and I’m pleased to report that it is actually VERY interesting. It’s a page-turner. Whowuddahthought?

I admit that I started War & Peace as a project. I thought: wouldn’t it be SO COOL to be able to say I’d read War & Peace? Wouldn’t others just be SO IMPRESSED by me?

I don’t care if people are impressed anymore (although they should be – it’s a freaking long-ass book) because I’m genuinely enjoying myself. Of course, I’m still less than halfway through, so I guess that could change.


It begins


You can read about my return to running and racing here.

My next project? Fresh pasta. Because I’ve never made homemade pasta.

And it’s my favorite food.